About Us

CobraCo has developed, and has patent protection over, a cable carrier link component which, when joined with other link components, creates a cable-handling system to protect the cables and hoses carrying the power, air, and water essential for the operation of mining equipment.

The link was developed in direct response to the observed design limitations of the existing link technology used in the current cable-handling systems (also known as ‘the bretby’) relied upon for underground longwall coal mining. Our cable-handling system is currently being used in Australia and the United States within the mining industry, and has shown to reduce risk and cost.

  • The longwall shearer cable-handling system (up to 200m long) is an integral component of longwall coal mining operations. It houses, protects, and controls the movement of the power cables and hoses that service the shearer of the underground longwall mining machine as it traverses the face of the mineral seam.
  • Effective cable-handling systems are essential for the protection of these cables and hoses to reduce the financial impact from mining downtime which may otherwise result from damage to the cables and hoses caused by the mining activity – a cost potentially measured in $ millions per day.
  • The CobraCo link is the essential component of these cable-handling systems.

Innovative robust design with patent protection in place

  • CobraCo link design addresses perceived limitations of current cable-handlers.
  • CobraCo robust design and construction are specifically suited for harsh operating environments. Our link is constructed of components manufactured from nylon 6, and high-tensile steel C35 and the link has been independently and successfully tested in excess of the load it may typically be expected to withstand.
  • CobraCo has been granted a patent (patent number: AU2010224453) over key design elements of the CobraCo link. Furthermore, protection of these and further design enhancements from ongoing R&D is being sought in Australian patents of addition and from the international patent application process (international application number: PCT/AU2011/00340).